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Product Manager's salary in Switzerland

Are you an Product Manager and do you wish to know what a reasonable salary is for your performance? Our salary calculator will calculate your individual average Product Manager's salary for your post in Switzerland in only a few steps, graded by age, training, sector, region and language. The calculated Product Manager's salary is based on the effective earnings of candidates from Switzerland, with whom we have had personal meetings.

The calculated average Product Manager's salary in Switzerland is

CHF 0.00

Your average Product Manager's salary is CHF 0.00. This is an average salary in Switzerland based on the criteria mentioned* below.

The Product Manager's salary depends substantially on their individual employment. Therefore, we would recommend you to have a career meeting with a Careerplus recruitment specialist in your region in order to obtain detailed and individual career advice.


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*The salary calculator is based on the latest salary survey carried out by Careerplus. Knowledge of foreign languages is limited to German, French, English, Italian and Spanish. To calculate your average pay as accurately as possible, please only include the languages listed here in your foreign language skills.

**The basis for calculating an average Product Manager's salary is the Careerplus study of salaries for careers in finance in Switzerland. The calculated average Product Manager's salary is the arithmetic mean (average) between the medians of the different criteria, as well as the index of regions of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The database used for the preparation of the salary study was the salary data obtained from 9538 candidates with careers in finance, HR and sales, with whom Careerplus has had personal meetings.

For reasons of equal pay, we have consciously not differentiated between men and women in the salary information.