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Account Manager jobs Bern (BE/SO/Biel)

Currently 24 Account Manager jobs

Are you looking for a Account Manager job in Bern (BE/SO/Biel)? Here you will find a wide and daily updated selection of Account Manager jobs. There are currently 24 Account Manager jobs in Bern (BE/SO/Biel) and 100 External Sales jobs available in Switzerland. Apply online!

Find Account Manager jobs in Bern (BE/SO/Biel)

We recruit for Account Manager jobs in Bern (BE/SO/Biel) and all regions of Switzerland. Discover the Account Manager jobs in the west of Switzerland: Genf, Waadtland, Wallis, Neuenburg, Jura and Freiburg. In the east of Switzerland we offer jobs in the regions Oberwallis, Zentralschweiz (LU/OW/NW/UR), Basel (BS/BL), Aarau/Olten, Grossraum Baden, Freiamt, Zürich (ohne Winterthur), Zug, Schwyz/Graubünden, Winterthur / Schaffhausen, Thurgau, St. Gallen / Appenzell and Rheinthal / Liechtenstein.

Account Manager – Profession External Sales

Account Manager is a job from the profession External Sales. External Sales also includes the jobs Key Account Manager, Field staff and Sales engineer. With the search and filter function you are bound to find the right job from our wide range of jobs in Bern (BE/SO/Biel) and all of Switzerland.

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