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Our services

Thanks to our extensive experience and proven recruitment process, we can offer you various valuable services.

  • Specialist recruitment

    Our recruitment process operates in a structured manner, from research to selection and matching to sustainability. This ensures that you will find the right specialist for your vacancy. As you can see from the table below, you can choose between success-based consultancy, which comprises our proven core services, and mandate-based consultancy, which offers numerous additional services.

  • Assessments & personality tests

    In order to find the right candidate for you, we carry out assessments and personality tests. You can thus supplement your personal view of candidates’ skills and potential with our systematically created outsider’s view.

  • Temporary solutions

    The quick and easy solution. In the case of temporary deployment, there are three parties in the relationship: the temporary staff are employed by us and you sign a contractual agreement with us as the recruitment agency. Between you and the temporary worker there is only an obligation to work and an obligation to provide work.

  • Salary advice

    We put together regular salary studies on our specialist areas. These studies analyse the current wages paid for selected job profiles. They reveal what counts as a fair salary in line with the rest of the market and what factors are crucial for achieving a higher salary.