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Temporary solutions

Recruiting for temporary jobs

Temporary staff shortages arise for a variety of reasons: a heavy workload, maternity leave, a new project, sick leave or holidays. What's the answer? We can find an excellent interim solution for your temporary vacancy problem, quickly and efficiently – whether it is for a temporary period of employment or a particular project.

As a contracting party to the CBA on Staff Leasing, we not only have a great deal of experience of staff leasing but also extensive knowledge of the legal principles. We recruit staff for temporary jobs in the following sectors: finance, HR, sales, construction, industry, IT and healthcare.

  • Temporary deployment

    The quick and easy solution. In the case of temporary deployment, there are three parties in the relationship: the temporary staff are employed by us and you sign a contractual agreement with us as the recruitment agency. Between you and the temporary worker there is only an obligation to work and an obligation to provide work. In most cases, the contract is for a limited period only. Since Careerplus is a contracting party to the CBA on Staff Leasing, its official periods of notice apply. The advantages for you: - Candidates have already been through an initial selection process - Support with pay negotiations and pay calculations in compliance with the CBA on Staff Leasing - Less administrative work - Easy monitoring of the staff member's working hours - If you have your own temporary candidates, we take responsibility for administering the payroll

  • Try and Hire

    You are looking for a new member of staff, but want to avoid the risk of an unsuitable appointment and the associated payroll administration during the probation period – whether on account of a previous failed recruitment process, the project costs or the final headcount not yet being available? No problem. We enter into a contractual relationship with the employee, in the same way as for a temporary deployment, and you can employ them permanently at a later date if appropriate. The advantages for you: - A potential new employee can be introduced without risk, and the employment relationship can be terminated with no cost or effort - Taking over the new employees is easy and straightforward

  • Freelancer

    A freelancer is self-employed, works on a project-by-project basis and may even have their own employees. The contract between a freelancer and Careerplus is project-based. The advantages for you: - You get qualified project- and mandate-specific staff - Their self-employed status has been verified, so you have no legal concerns - Invoicing is based on hourly or daily rates