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Recommendation Action

Use your connections! Recommend new candidates to secure an attractive prize and, with a bit of luck, win a trip to St. Petersburg worth CHF 3000.*

Weiterempfehlung - so funktionierts

Submit the curriculum vitae or contact details of qualified individuals from following fields:

We will then contact the people you have recommended directly. For each person for whom we find a new job within 12 months, you win a prize worth CHF 300. You can choose between a "Schweizer Bücherbon", a BRACK.CH voucher or a Globus voucher.

As the main prize, we are giving away a trip to St. Petersburg among all the winners. The deadline for the draw is 31.08.2022.


How you can participate

  • Contact us in person

    Contact an advisor in your area to get in touch directly.

  • Recommendation by e-mail

    Send your recommendation including contact details and / or CV.

*Conditions of participation

All candidates who are registered with Careerplus AG are eligible to participate. Recommendation Action is only valid for candidates who can be placed within 12 months. You will receive the chosen prize on the first working day of the candidate you recommended. Deadline for the draw for the main prize (trip to St. Petersburg) is 31.08.2022.